Friday, September 9, 2011

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If you have a passion for drawing - whether it’s manga, cartoons, comics, or the human figure – you’ve found the Blog that’s written just for you.  Every Wednesday, I’ll discuss tips on drawing; offer my analysis and predictions about the rapid changes in the publishing industry; offer advice on how to become a published artist; and, of course, give brief updates on my books. So make this a regular stop as you surf the Blog-O-Sphere. No reservations required. 


Hey, all -- ! I just got invited to an Anime Con, scheduled for February. Since it's geographically favorable (within driving distance), I think I go. They'd like me to do two panels for them. So I'm coming up with some ideas, which I think will not appeal to my readers. Right now, I'm leaning toward two: How To Get  Your Work Published -- and -- a Portfolio Review. My style is not to criticize the work of aspiring artists with judgments, as may do, but rather, to identify each artist's strong and harshly, but to encourage aspiring artists by identifying each artist's area of strength (we all have them, but are not always aware of what they are).

I'll post the name of the Con, location and dates when I firm it up; and I'll also describe the two panels in more detail. So if you're one of my readers, why not stop by and introduce yourself? And even if you're not, you are, of course, invited.

Hey, I'd also love to get some feedback on the extensive redesign of this is website, if you'd care to use the "contact" mailbox on this website.

It was a significant revamp of the old one, and took a full month to complete. I hope you find it easier to navigate, and also, more visual. It's got added options, too, and the books are easier to view than before.

I'm also interested to know if you think the new Blog is a worthwhile feature for the website.
Thanks for dropping by for a visit today! I hope you make this Blog a part of your regular surfing.


You can reach Chris by sending an email from the “contact” option on this website. Chris reads all of his emails, responds to everyone, and never uses a “form” email.  Due to his busy schedule, please be a little patient when awaiting his response.


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