Monday, September 12, 2011


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If you have a passion for drawing - whether it’s manga, cartoons, comics, or the human figure – you’ve found the Blog that’s written just for you.  Every Wednesday, I’ll discuss tips on drawing; offer my analysis and predictions about the rapid changes in the publishing industry; offer advice on how to become a published artist; and, of course, give brief updates on my books. So make this a regular stop as you surf the Blog-O-Sphere. No reservations required.

Hi, All: 

"SUVUDU, a premier website covering manga, fantasy, Sci-Fi and pop culture, just did an interview with me that posted last week. To view it, simply  Google SUVUDU, and then, once you're on the home page, select the heading "GRAPHIC NOVELS AND MANGA." That'll bring you to the page that has my interview.

The interview offers important and specif tips on How-To- improve as an artist. It's written for the serious beginner. Might be valuable for you. 


Thanks for dropping by today! I hope you make this Blog a part of your regular surfing.

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