Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Something New

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Hey -- big news - my new board game came out! I'm very excited about this. It's a board game, like Trivial Pursuits, only this is a "drawing" game. It's called, "Cartoon It!" and comes from the prestigious game and puzzle company, Thinkfun. It's already in Barnes and Noble, and toy stores across the country, bless their little hearts. It was designed by me and my co-inventor, award-winning game inventor, Joyce Johnson. But I'm too modest to mention anything else about the game....  Well, okay, you twisted my arm: It's got a splash graphic on the cover with my name on it.

Outside of that, my dog had another accident, we visited the in-laws, and another payment is due on my daughters' tuition. In other words, back to real life now...

Meanwhile, I'm in the development stage of a new project -- coming up with the exact concept and angle. In the past, this has always been the tough part -- you know, like getting a tooth extracted. There's so much focus required: squeezing imaginative thoughts out of the correct hemisphere of the brain; weighing one idea against the next; looking for fresh and useful ways to present various topics. But now, it flows much more smoothly, and has become somewhat enjoyable. But there's no danger that I'll end up liking this process more than dinner at Japanese restaurant with my wife. But, this is where the bones of a book are set - it's the foundation. It's got to be done, and it's got to look just right to me, or I don't begin.

More on the process of writing a book next time...

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