Saturday, May 12, 2012


I'm thinking about adding new, free tutorials to my website, or doing some Youtube demos on cartooning techniques. I envision them at 5-7 minutes each. My recent Howcast videos, which are on Youtbe,  are only 2-3 minutes, and I think there's room for longer versions with less talk, and more drawing.

The free tutorials would feature more steps. The ones we have are cool, but I believe that some people would also like to see more steps and art instruction.

What would you like to see?


  1. Hey Chris! I think you are a great, great artist and I just LOVE your books, but I live in Mexico and can't find any of the books I saw in your website. I want almost all of them, but I can't get them here in Mexico. I'm from Colombia, and my grandma give me the "How to draw cartoons for comic strips" book, and that's how I met you. Since then, my mom tried to find some other books, but none of the ones of the website is on sale on Latin America. I have a few, though, but they're really small and not the ones I wish I could find. I know I can buy them online, and I don't mind the fact that they are in english, but I would be glad if I could find them here, somewhere, in Spanish :(
    Sorry if the message is too long :P, I tend to talk a lot when I don't know how to simplify things. So anyway, I would like it if you could give me an answer, if not, I would understand. And I'm buying your books online even if I can't get them in spanish or in some shop over here :)

  2. I have a suggestion that may help (and by the way, thank you for being such an enthusiastic reader of my books -- ! I appreciate that). Try ordering off the U.S. English website of Amazon. Since you obviously have mastered the language, and the books are mainly illustrations, it should work for you. In the U.S., they are never out of stock. If that doesn't work, order it at your local bookstore. Go up to the front desk, with the title, author and publisher, and make an advanced order. It may take a few weeks while they send for it, but it'll get there.

    Best of luck on all your drawing adventures!


  3. Hi Chris,
    I too love your books and have about 10 of them. I have always made pencil drawings, though mostly "photo-realistic" types. It is only the last few years I have started to put a more cartoonish angle of my drawings and I love it and just wanna learn more techniques. What I mostly struggle with is how to draw different ethnicity - what is it that makes people look Indian, Arabic, Chinese, African, Scandinavian, Mexican etc.? I am working on a project right now having to draw Indian people (as in from India) Maharaja types and I can't seem to to get it quite right ....
    Thanks for all your great inspiration :0)